Journal policies
JPPR publishes original research papers, short communications, critical reviews, and book reviews covering all areas of modern plant protection. Subjects include phytopathological virology, bacteriology, mycology and applied nematology and entomology as well as topics on protecting crop plants and stocks of crop products against diseases, viruses, weeds, etc. Submitted manuscripts should provide new facts or confirmatory data.

It is assumed that all people listed as authors of submitted papers meet both basic authorship criteria:
(1) they contributed substantially to study planning, data collection or interpretation of results;
(2) wrote or critically revised the paper.

It is also assumed that all people listed as authors are aware of it and have agreed to be listed. On the other hand, it is assumed that no person who meets the authorship criteria has been omitted. Moreover, all people who are not listed as authors but contributed substantially to the study reported in the submitted paper or assisted in its writing (e.g. language professionals) should be mentioned in the acknowledgements, with their agreement. Finally, all sources of funding for the study reported in the submitted papers should be revealed.

Acting against the above rules, especially every discovered case of scientific misconduct (ghostwriting, guest authorship, etc.), will be treated seriously by the Editors. They will inform scientific bodies and/or employers of dishonest authors about any such misconduct.