• Multi-component foliar fertilizers with ionic silver reduce occurrence of fungal diseases
  • Foliar fertilizers enriched with ionic silver show similar effectiveness to fungicides
  • Foliar fertilization enriched with silver positively influence on the growth of wheat
  • Foliar fertilizers with silver improve chlorophyll content in the wheat leaves
The aim of the research was to analyze the degree of infection of winter wheat by fungal diseases and to evaluate the morphological and physiological parameters of plants depending on varied foliar fertilization (with and without the ionic form of silver) and applied plant protection agents (active ingredients: propiconazole, fenpropidin, azoxystrobin) in the 2016/2017, 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 growing seasons. The results showed that micronutrient fertilizers with silver and pesticides reduced the severity of fungal diseases better than the control. In most cases, foliar fertilizers enriched with the ionic form of silver at a dose of 1 and 2 l · ha−1 were the most effective. Moreover, foliar fertilization and pesticides had a positive effect on the morphology of wheat. Combined treatment (micronutrient fertilizer with silver and pesticide at a dose of 1 l · ha−1) increased stalk length and weight, ear weight and thousand grain weight to the greatest extent in comparison to the other treatments, while the pesticides stimulated ear length the most. In turn, microelement fertilizers with silver at a dose of 1 and 2 l · ha−1 were better in terms of flag leaf length. Wheat treated with foliar fertilizer and pesticide significantly improved the chlorophyll content based on the leaf greenness index (SPAD). It was found that the foliar application of microelements with silver is promising for use in agriculture because they controlled fungal diseases and ensured the good condition of plants more effectively than pesticides harmful to the environment.
The authors would like to thank Diana Wieczorek for her support in conducting the research.
This work is supported by subsidy of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for UR Krakow.
Ewa Moliszewska
The authors have declared that no conflict of interests exist.
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