The effect of leaf colour of selected field bean cultivars which differ in attracting black bean aphid (Aphis fabae Scop.)
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Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Production, University of Warmia and Mazury pl. Łódzki 3, 10-724 Olsztyn
Department of Phytopathology and Entomology, University of Warmia and Mazury ul. Prawocheńskiego 17, 10-720 Olsztyn
Journal of Plant Protection Research 2008;48(2):195–200
The study was carried out in 2003, in a micro-plot experiment established in the Experimental Garden of the University of Warmia and Mazury. Following our previous long-term field observations on the infestation of a number of field bean cultivars by black bean aphid, three cultivars were selected for the present study. The cultivars demonstrated different attractiveness to the pest insects: cultivar Tinos was preferred by aphids, cv. Dino was less readily chosen and cv. Nadwiślański was the least preferred variety. The computer analysis of leaf colour enabled us to distinguish between the cultivars. The three examined cultivars are different in the colour of leaves, although the differences between cv. Dino and Nadwiślański being nearly negligible, especially in terms of hue (H) and intensity (I).
The authors have declared that no conflict of interests exist.
Marian Wiwart
Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Production, University of Warmia and Mazury pl. Łódzki 3, 10-724 Olsztyn
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