Early blight (Alternaria spp.) in potato crops in Poland and results of chemical protection
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Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute Radzików Department of Potato Protection and Seed Science Bonin, 76-009 Bonin, Poland
Corresponding author
Józefa Kapsa
Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute Radzików Department of Potato Protection and Seed Science Bonin, 76-009 Bonin, Poland
Journal of Plant Protection Research 2004;44(3):231-238
In the years 2000–2003 under Polish climatic conditions early blight occurred at different level of incidence on over 90.6% of surveyed fields. Time of disease appearance in different regions was closely related to climatic conditions. On average, early blight appeared on potato plants 59.3 days after planting, earlier than late blight. In the years 2001–2003, efficacy of six selected fungicides in early blight control was examined in field conditions. Experiments carried out in the Department of Potato Protection and Seed Science of Plant Breedingand Acclimatization Institute. Field trials located in two sites – at Bonin and Stare Olesno revealed much slower development of early blight on these fields where chemical protection was applied as compared to untreated control. Efficacy of plant protection program carried out in Bonin over three years varied from 40% to 63.9%. Effectiveness of selected products was higher in Stare Olesno at higher infection pressure, and ranged from 49.8% to 66.6%. However, efficiency of chemical protection in early blight suppressing is not as satisfactory as in late blight control. In field experiments good control of early blight resulted in tuber yield increase. In Bonin yield increase varied from 5.5 to 24.2% and in Stare Olesno from 12.2 to 34.4%.
The authors have declared that no conflict of interests exist.
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