• This is the first record of this disease (leaf blight) in Egypt
  • The responsible Pathogen causing this disease is identified as Pantoea ananatis
  • Sequencing using 16S rDNA proved that the two isolates of the pathogen are similar
Strawberry leaves showing leaf blight symptoms were collected from six different farms in Ismailia and Beheira Governorates in Egypt during the 2020–2021 growing season. Eight bacterial isolates, i.e., Pa1, Pa2, Pa3, Pa4 (Ismailia farms) and Pa5, Pa6, Pa7 and Pa8 (Beheira farms) were isolated. A pathogenicity test of bacterial isolates was carried out using detached strawberry leaf technique. All bacterial isolates produced leaf blight disease symptoms. Isolates Pa2 and Pa6 showed the highest pathogenic characteristics with clear symptoms on detached strawberry leaves. The phenotypic, biochemical and physiological characters of the highest pathogenic isolates were confirmed by PCR analysis using 16S rRNA gene. The two bacterial isolates were identified as Pantoea ananatis with similarity of 97.05% with accession number MH_127816.1 (isolate Pa2, Ismailia), while the isolate (Pa6, Beheira) with similarity of 97.03% with accession number NR_026045.1. The 16S rDNA sequences were deposited in the GenBank nucleotide databases under accession numbers OM258167 and OM279507, respectively. According to the pathogenicity test, morphological and physiological characteristics as well as molecular data (16S rRNA sequencing analysis), this finding is the first report of P. ananatis as a causal agent of strawberry leaf blight disease in Egypt.
Krzysztof Krawczyk
The authors have declared that no conflict of interests exist.
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