The synergists action of piperonyl butoxide on toxicity of certain insecticides applied against Helopeltis theivora waterhouse (Heteroptera: Miridae) in the dooars tea plantations of north Bengal, India
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Entomology Research Unit, Department of Zoology, University of North Bengal Darjeeling-734 430, West Bengal, India
Department of Zoology, Mizoram Central University, Tanhril, Aizawl – 796 009, Mizoram, India
Corresponding author
Somnath Roy
Entomology Research Unit, Department of Zoology, University of North Bengal Darjeeling-734 430, West Bengal, India
Journal of Plant Protection Research 2009;49(2):225-228
Higher efficacy of mixture of insecticides with synergists piperonyl butoxide (PB) was reported in controlling in the Dooars population of Helopeltis theivora Waterhouse. Therefore, the use of synergists as one of the countermeasures against the insecticide resistance problem of H. theivora is recommended. The combination of deltamethrin +PB (piperonyl butoxide), quinalphos +PB and imidacloprid +PB showed 44.60, 16.01 and 11.14 folds increase of toxicity (synergistic ratio) than the respective insecticide alone. Piperonyl butoxide acted as an oxidase inhibitor. The addition of PB to some extent suppressed the resistance of H. theivora to these insecticides, suggesting that the P450 enzyme complex may be involved in the mechanism of toxicity.
The authors have declared that no conflict of interests exist.
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