An influence of lowered temperature on the migration activity of the population of Rhizopertha dominica F. (Coleoptera, Bostrichidae)
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Pedagogical University of Cracow, Institute of Biology, Department of Ecology, Wildlife Research and Ecotourism Podbrzezie 3, 31-054 Kraków, Poland
Corresponding author
Małgorzata Kłyś
Pedagogical University of Cracow, Institute of Biology, Department of Ecology, Wildlife Research and Ecotourism Podbrzezie 3, 31-054 Kraków, Poland
Journal of Plant Protection Research 2009;49(3):263-266
The subject of the study was the lesser grain borer Rhizopertha dominica F. – a dangerous pest of stored grain. The study was carried out in the laboratory at a temperature of 31°C, the optimal temperature for this species,and alsoin the temperature lowered to 22°C and 60±5% relative humidity. The main aim of the research was to investigate the migration activity of R. dominica in lowered temperature. In addition the population dynamics, mortality and sexual ratio in a population of R. dominica were also analyzed. It was shown that lowering the temperature to 22°C caused an increase in the migration activity of R. dominica in the initial phase of infesting a new habitat. A larger migration and mortality of females were observed. In addition, the population growth was slow and prolonged in time at the temperature of 22°C as compared to the optimal temperature. Lowering the temperature did not influence the mortality of the R. dominica population
The authors have declared that no conflict of interests exist.
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