Characterization of angular leaf spot (ALS) disease of beans caused by Pseudocercospora griseola (Sacc.) Crous & Braun along with its occurrence was investigated using 118 isolates obtained from beans grown in greenhouses in the western Black Sea region of Turkey. Incidences of ALS disease ranged between 77–100% and 82–100% for summer and autumn sown bean cultivations while the disease severity was in the ranges of 66–82% and 74–86% for the same periods, respectively. All of the 118 isolates of P. griseola yielded 500–560 bp PCR products from ITS1 and ITS4 primers, while 45 isolates yielded 200–250 bp products from actin genes primer and 5 isolates yielded 300–350 bp from calmodulin primer. The form of the Turkish isolates of P. griseola was determined as f. griseola since ITS sequences of 118 isolates of P. griseola showed between 98–100% similarity to the isolates of P. griseola f. griseola deposited in GenBank and our isolates took place on the same branch on the phylogenetic tree formed by the representative isolates in GenBank. The actin sequences did not give a clear differentiation for the forms of P. griseola. The phylogenetic trees generated by ITS1, ITS2 and actin genes formed similar branches. Each had two main clade and similar sub clades.
This study is the Ph.D. thesis of Ankara University Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences Department of Plant Protection named ”Determination of the Groups of Pseudocercospora griseola Causing Angular Leaf Spot in Protected Beans in West Black Sea Region, Investigations on Prevalence, Searches of Inoculum and Reactions of Some Bean Cultivation Against This Agent’’ and this project was supported by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry with Project number TAGEM-BS-/10/10-01/02-05 under National Integrated Greenhouse Disease Management Program.
The authors have declared that no conflict of interests exist.
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